4/4/16 – Monthly Meeting: Norbert Klebl, Petroleum Engineer and Columbia MBA Grad

When: Monday, April 4, 2016 from 5:00pm-6:00pm
Where: Koelbel 220

Why: learn about the impact of buildings and local communities on our carbon footprint  – and enjoy FREE pizza!

Speaker topic:  How communities of the future can be inclusive and cut their carbon footprint by 75%.

A model is in creation nearby. Mixed use zoning will reduce car travel, facilitate community. Well built homes will improve comfort and cut energy,  and ground source heat pumps with PV systems will easily produce all electricity needs.

Speaker bio:

Norbert Klebl is a petroleum engineer with an MBA from Columbia and extensive experience in manufacturing and real estate development. He is convinced that the era of dependence on fossil fuels is over. Insulating and tightening up buildings make it economical to switch from natural gas to PV powered heating, cooling and ventilation. Norbert has designed and is currently building GEOS an energy plus community in Arvada and equipped a dozen homes with ground source based heating and cooling system in Boulder and surroundings. All these homes are fossil free and several are powering an electric car.