11/7/16 – Monthly Meeting: Adam Reed – Lecturer and Coordinator for Renewable and Sustainable Energy (RSE)

When:  Monday, November 7, 5:00pm – 6:30pm

Where: Koelbel 255

Speaker: Adam Reed

Bio: Adam Reed is a Lecturer in the Environmental Studies Program, and coordinator for Renewable and Sustainable Energy (RSE) education programs at the School of the Environment and Sustainability in CU Boulder.  Adam is an interdisciplinary synthesist with training in law, economics, and history and experience in energy, climate, and environmental policy research.  His work considers legal, regulatory, communication, and knowledge problems across markets and institutions related to sustainable energy deployment and operations.  His research interests include distributed community-based energy systems, grid integration of renewable energy, the evolution of electricity markets, and the history of energy policy.  He teaches a graduate course on Energy Policy in the 21st Century. Adam received his BA (history, economics) from Southern Methodist University, and his JD (law) from the University of Colorado.

10/3/16 – Monthly Meeting: Andy Paliszewski of Wind Tower Technologies

When: Monday, October 3, 5:00pm – 6:30pm

Where: Koelbel 255

Description: Andy Paliszewski from Wind Tower Technologies (WTT) will be speaking with the club on Monday, October 3rd. Andy will be sharing his wealth of experience in the energy industry. He worked with the US Navy to operate nuclear power plants and Siemens Energy in developing gas and steam turbines before building the US Wind R&D efforts right here in Boulder, CO. His latest venture, Wind Tower Technologies, seeks to increase the lifetime of wind turbines through a new, concrete tower structure. During his talk, Andy will be sharing these experiences, giving advice for future energy industry leaders and educating the audience on the latest and greatest in wind turbine technologies.