4/8 Energy Talks- Co-generation and beer!

Join us this Friday 4/8 at noon in Koelbel 300 for free Half-Fast Subs and a discussion on co-generation plants and New Belgium’s efforts to minimize their environmental impact and water usage.  We will be ending a few minutes early so that those who are registered to go on the tour of New Belgium’s co-gen plants can meet to carpool at 1pm.  Want to join us for the tour, there’s still spots available, sign up here!: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/new-belgium-wastewater-tour-tickets-24303394106

3/4 Energy Talks- Energy in the Developing World (Part 2)

3/4/16, Noon-1 pm in Koelbel Business School, Room 300

Come and join CU Energy Club for Energy Talks!  This week we will continue our focus on energy in the developing world as we get ready for Energy Frontiers 2016!  We will hear from Maithreyi the president of the CU Energy Club talk about her start-up company developing electric rickshaw conversion kits, and we will also have some thought provoking YouTube videos to play to spur on discussion.  Want to find out which countries lack electricity? Watch below:

2/25 Energy Talks- Energy Engineering for Developing Communities

Noon-1 pm in Koelbel Business School, Room 300

Come and join CU Energy Club for Energy Talks!  This week we will focus on energy engineering for developing communities as a part of engineering week.  The objective of the Energy Talks series is to bring students together for an open discussion about energy topics and enjoy free lunch!  The leader of energy talks will either have YouTube videos, interesting charts/topics to spur on discussion among students.

Energy Talks 2/12: Iran Nuclear Deal

Geopolitics is important in many scientific endeavors, and for the energy sector this is most evident around discussions of nuclear power. Nuclear reactions can generate electricity with lower emissions of climate and health impacting pollutants, but there is a fear that the nuclear materials will be weaponized. We will discuss some of the political issues surrounding this with a focus on the recent nuclear deal with Iran.

12/4 Energy Talks: Holiday Energy and COP21 Summit

Energy Talks: Holiday Energy and COP21 Summit
This Friday, 1/4, noon-1 pm in Koelbel 220

For our last energy talks of the semester, we’re going to get you into the holiday spirit. We use tons of energy during holidays with all of the feasting, decorating, and travelling associated with this time of year. We will discuss some of the impacts of this holiday energy use as well as what you can do to reduce that energy use. We will also do a brief update on the status of the COP21 summit in Paris. Come join the conversation and enjoy free Half Fast subs for a festive break from studying!

11/13 Energy Talks- (not so) Scary Nuclear Energy

Join us at noon in Koelbel 220 this Friday the 13th we will be looking at Nuclear Energy, which seems to scare a lot of people.  The discussion will be on the negative aspects of the last generation of nuclear reactors and the promise of new Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors (LFTR’s) and learn how they work!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYxlpeJEKmw
Of course we will have lots of other videos on hand for wherever the conversation ends up going.  As always, free Half-Fast subs!

10/16 Energy Talks w/ special guest John Tobin- Confessions of an Energy Price Forecaster

John Tobin is the Executive Director of the Energy LITERACY Project, Inc.  This program is attempting to address the public perception of energy and, therefore, the energy industry by promoting balanced educational and informational programs that are based on the irreversible, interlocking nature of Energy in all of its forms, including conservation and energy efficiency, the role energy plays in fueling the Economy and the impact our choices of energy has on the Environment.

John has been a Distinguished Lecturer for the Society of Petroleum Engineers, speaking on public energy education and policy issues.  The mainstream media often calls on John as an expert on energy price and policy.  

He has been an adjunct (or more appropriately “a junk”) instructor at the Colorado School of Mines, Department of Petroleum Engineering.  His course taught energy economics and project evaluation techniques, emphasizing the investment decision process in light of the many uncertainties faced in any business.

His 50 years of experience includes, in addition to the above activities, positions with ARCO, Scientific Software Corp., Martin Marietta and Eastman Kodak.  He has BS (1964) and MS (1966) degrees from the University of Rochester, NY in Mechanical and Aerospace Sciences.  He is a recovering engineer and believes that he is eminently qualified as an energy economist in that he has no academic biases to screw up his views.  

Tobin has authored numerous papers on energy price and forecasting, the investment decision process, reserve estimation, energy policy and public energy education. These papers and articles have been presented at various professional conferences and published in many professional and trade publications. These papers and presentations are the basis of an annual trilogy of reports entitled, “Confessions of an Energy Price Forecaster”.

10/2 Energy Talks- Transporation

Come and join us for another session of CU Energy Club’s Energy Talks from noon to 1pm in Koelbel 220! The objective of the Energy Talks series is to bring in speakers from the energy industry and research communities and/or other students and professionals, drawing attention to new and innovative ideas, strategies, and technologies in the energy field.

Our topic this week is transportation. Transportation consumes more than a quarter of US energy, and is still largely dominated by fossil fuels, particularly oil. We will explore how energy is used in the transportation sector and what options are available and emerging to reduce our energy demand in this sector and for using alternative fuel sources.


All are welcome to join us, eat some food, and participate in the discussion, regardless of your knowledge or background. Hope to see you there!