Fuels Institute Case Competition – EXCITING OPPORTUNITY!

The CU Energy Club has recently been invited to submit abstracts for the 2nd Annual Future of Transportation case competition, hosted by the Fuels Institute, a multi-industry think tank. The challenge of this competition is comprised of two parts: (1) “to envision and create an ideal future transportation (mass transit and consumer vehicles) sector,” and (2) “take that vision and [explain how to] make it a reality within the next 30 years based on the current infrastructure of America.” Last year, 12 universities were asked to submit proposals after their abstracts were accepted. This year, we would like to pursue CU Boulder sending a team! This effort will likely involve collaboration with other clubs and be quite the challenge. If we get substantial support from CU Energy Club members, we can support the organization of a team. Please note that the statements of intent (i.e. abstracts, up to 3 per team) must be submitted by MONDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2015. If an abstract is accepted, teams must submit their final proposals by FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 2016.

Please fill out this GOOGLE FORM by MONDAY, 11/9 if you are interested (note that this interest is non-binding).

Find out more info about the competition, including rules and a more detailed timeline, HERE.