2015-2016 Officers

Name Position Email
Maithreyi Gopalakrishnan President Maithreyi.Gopalakrishnan at Colorado.edu
Vanessa Witte Vice President at Large Vanessa.Witte at Colorado.edu
Shravan Joshi VP Events Subcommittee Shravan.Joshi at Colorado.edu
Simon Hafner VP Corporate Subcommittee A Simon.Hafner at Colorado.edu
Danielle Vitoff VP Corporate Subcommittee B Danielle.Vitoff at Colorado.edu
Caelan Morrison Treasurer Caelan.Morrison at Colorado.edu
Andres Gandara Secretary Andres.Gandara at Colorado.edu
Bernard Britt Director of Arts & Sciences Bernard.Britt at Colorado.edu
Adrian Smith Co-Director of Business A Adrian.Smith at Colorado.edu
Gregory Zavoluk Co-Director of Business B Gregory.Zavoluk at Colorado.edu
Zachariah Lakel Director of Law Zachariah.Lakel at Colorado.edu
Daniel Zalkind Director of Engineering Daniel.Zalkind at Colorado.edu
 Chuan ‘Nelson’ Khor Director of Marketing & Advertising  Chuan.Khor at Colorado.edu
 Andrew Weidner Director of Public Outreach  Andrew.Weidner at Colorado.edu

President: Maithreyi Gopalakrishnan

Maithreyi grew up in Superior, CO and is currently in her 5th year at CU Boulder. She is working towards the master’s part of a 5 year BS/MS in engineering physics with minors in electrical renewable energy systems and dance. She finished her bachelor’s degree with summa cum laude honors and a leadership certificate through the President’s Leadership Class.

Her current research is with the Kapteyn-Murnane group in JILA Physics studying applications of high harmonic generation from ultrafast lasers. Her past internships include: summer 2015 studying magnetometry at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, summer 2013 at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory at Stanford University developing motorized mirror mounts for laser beam stabilization, and summer 2012 in the electrical engineering department at CU constructing a prototype of a solar powered cycle rickshaw.

When not doing school or research, Maithreyi is usually working on her startup company, Surya Conversions, which constructs hybrid conversion kits for auto rickshaws in India and other countries across the world. She is extremely passionate about bringing clean energy technology to developing countries. In her free time, she likes to dance, hike, climb, snowboard, watch NFL football, and spend time with friends and family. She is super excited to get to know all of the Energy Club members and take CU Energy to the next level this year!

Vice President at Large: Vanessa Witte

I am currently a Senior Undergraduate in Chemical Engineering. I enjoy research, so when I transferred to CU I began working on a project in the Kaar lab with a UROP grant. I have since transitioned to the Weimer lab where I was a DLA student last year and will work on my Senior Thesis with the lab this year. My project involves materials testing in a solar thermal reactor for clean Hydrogen fuel generation.

I am a non-traditional student in that I am going back to college to obtain my B.S after 11+ years in the workforce. When I decided a few years ago to complete my degree, I chose Chemical Engineering so I could gain knowledge in a broad engineering discipline that allows for a career working to improve the environment and alternative energy sources. I love being a part of the Energy Club and have gained valuable knowledge in the last year and a half into the Energy Industry through the monthly meetings, networking opportunities, and being an Officer. I hope to bring my business experience and skills to my position as Vice President.

In my free time I’m training for a mountain ultra race, organize a women’s running group on meetup.com, and *love* hiking any one, or all three, of the Boulder peaks (SoBo, Bear, and Green). Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

VP Events Subcommittee: Shravan Joshi

I was born and raised in New York and first came to Colorado as a freshman interested in pursuing a career in Energy Research and Development. Through my years here at CU, and through clubs like the CU Energy Club and Engineers Without Borders, I decided to switch paths and pursue a career in Sustainable Community Development. I am currently a Senior in Environmental Engineering, and have always been interested in energy, having worked as PV installer and energy consultant. I am currently working on a project through Engineers Without Borders to bring sustainable building designs and technology to Nepal after their recent earthquake in April. I have a passion for assisting those in need, and wish to help communities develop through sustainable practices and technologies.

VP Corporate Outreach A: Simon Hafner

Beginning my undergraduate career at CU in 2014, I jumped head first into all the Energy Club had to offer. I found myself wanting to attribute more, and after my first semester in the club, I ran for Vice President of Corporate Outreach. As the 2015-2016 VP, I hope to build new relationships and strengthen existing ones with a broad spectrum of companies. It is my goal for the club and its members to connect with professionals in industry and form ties that benefit all parties.

I personally study mechanical engineering, and I am very passionate about energy efficiency and the environment.

VP Corporate Outreach B: Danielle Vitoff

Treasurer: Caelan Morrison

My name is Caelan Morrison and I am a senior in Engineering Physics. For as long as I can remember I have always loved the outdoors and all the beauty that it offers. The only way that nature will stay as pristine as it is today is for our society to move away from fossil fuels such as oil and instead invest in renewable energies such as solar and wind energy. The CU Energy club has provided me the perfect opportunity to help make this happen. Our monthly meetings and occasional trips to energy facilities are a great way to find out about all the progress being made towards going green.

Secretary: Andres Gandara

I’m a junior studying Chemical Engineering and Business. I joined the CU Energy Club because I wanted to be part of an organization that dealt with “real life” engineering issues while also working on my networking skills. As the secretary of the club I will do my best to be the liaison between the members and management. I hope that this year more and more people become interested in all the awesome events, trips, etc. the club offers and we can all become more aware of the global energy situation.

As the majority of people in this awesome state I love hiking and mountain biking during the summer and snowboarding during the winter. I also play soccer, basketball and swim.

Director of Arts and Sciences: Bernard Britt

My name is Bernard Britt and I’m a senior in chemical engineering at CU Boulder. I’ve done research that focused on particle technology and the use of fluidized beds in industry. I’ve been in the CU Energy Club for a couple years now and have learned a lot about the industry from monthly meetings to the special events we host and am happy to join as an officer.

I enjoy trail running, camping, biking, and all the outdoors that CO has to offer.

Co-Director of Business A: Adrian Smith
I grew up in North Carolina where I attended Warren Wilson College for undergrad. I studied Environmental Studies, focusing in sustainable agriculture. I developed a passion for renewable energy and energy efficiency during my time there. I led a student crew in performing energy audits for campus buildings, I performed an in-lab research project measuring the efficiency of thermo-electric generator coupled photovoltaics that I built, I studied renewables in Iceland and Denmark, and I completed an internship at the City of Asheville Sustainability Office, mainly doing energy audits for municipal buildings.
After running a landscape design/build company for the past four years I started my MBA at Leeds School of Business here at CU Boulder.

Co-Director of Business B: Gregory Zavoluk
I hail from the Northeast- born and raised in Connecticut, did my undergrad (in Economics and Environmental Studies) at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania, and for the last few years I’ve lived and worked in Manhattan. I was working as paralegal and I got as far as taking the LSATs before I decided I didn’t want to be a lawyer, and headed west for Business School instead.
I’ve been interested in environmentalism and the energy industry in particular since Highschool. I read everything I can get my hands on, and I’ve developed an great breadth of knowledge touching on a variety of subjects, which I’m always happy to talk about with anyone.

Director of Law: Zachariah Lakel

I am pursuing a BS in electrical engineering.  Prior to coming to CU Boulder, I obtained a BA in economics from Dartmouth College and a JD from NYU.  I am admitted as an attorney in New York, New Jersey and Colorado.  From 2009 to 2013, I practiced corporate law at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher and Flom LLP in New York City where my work largely concerned the purchase and sale of electric utilities and power plants.  In the course of that practice, I was involved in all aspects of energy acquisition transactions, from due diligence through drafting and negotiating the sale agreement to the closing of the transaction, and was responsible for coordinating a team of lawyers and interfacing that team with the client’s legal, business and engineering teams.  Now, I seek to gain the engineering skill set to complement my legal understanding of the electric utility industry.

Director of Engineering: Daniel Zalkind

I am a 2nd year Ph.D. student in Electrical Engineering and the next Director of Engineering for the CU Energy Club. Over the past year, I’ve learned what a wonderful organization the CU Energy Club is and look forward to contributing more over the next year.

Before joining CU last fall, I received my BS and MS degrees from Drexel University, where I studied communication and networking systems. My primary motivation for moving to Colorado was an opportunity to conduct research on control systems for wind turbines. Besides wind power I’m enthusiastic about Smart Grid applications, where grid components communicate and share information to improve efficiency, reliability and sustainability.

As Director of Engineering, I hope to share this enthusiasm and hear from members. I love talking about what interests people in energy and science in general, and I’m always open to offering help and advice whenever I can.

I spend most of my free time learning how to Colorado: so hiking, biking (don’t worry, I already knew how to do this), frisbee, and some skiing and climbing.

Director of Marketing & Advertising: Chuan ‘Nelson’ Khor

I’m a senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Computer Science and Economics here at University of Colorado – Boulder. I’m passionate about solar energy technology, programming, and robotics. I always approaches problems and challenges with the eagerness and dedication to solve them. I like to consider myself as a motivated student who continuously strive to learn and innovate. As the director of Marketing for this academic year, I will utilized my marketing skills to promote CU Energy Club and keep the members updated on the latest events and opportunities that the club has to offer.
Here is my LinkedIn Profile.

Director of Public Outreach: Andrew WeidnerAndrew

My name is Andrew Weidner, and I am a senior undergraduate student in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Applied Math. I have worked as an undergraduate research assistant and a Discovery Learning Apprentice in the Andrew Goodwin lab over the past year; I will continue to do research on “smart” materials and mechanochemistry in the same lab as a senior thesis student. This school year, I will be representing the CU Energy Club as the Director of Public Outreach. I am excited to learn more about industry and research opportunities in the energy field and share them with other club members. In doing so, I hope to connect industry and research leaders with my fellow aspiring energy innovators!

In my free time, I like to hike and bike in and around Boulder. I also am a beginner weightlifter and enjoy spending time and gaming with friends.