Energy Talks 2/12: Iran Nuclear Deal

Geopolitics is important in many scientific endeavors, and for the energy sector this is most evident around discussions of nuclear power. Nuclear reactions can generate electricity with lower emissions of climate and health impacting pollutants, but there is a fear that the nuclear materials will be weaponized. We will discuss some of the political issues surrounding this with a focus on the recent nuclear deal with Iran.

4/3- Automotive Technology Energy Talks!

Driving is everywhere.  The auto industry is a very dynamic and needs to respond to energy demands. Look into how we get around from the energy needs of gasoline car to a diesel truck and how large companies are now investing their engines to be fossil free.  This talk will feature videos about how typical engines, frames, and other physical features of cars impact it’s energy efficiency. Even the GPS saves energy too! Come down and enjoy some subs and learn about personal transportation.